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LYS is an innovative company where women and men who love today's latest fashion, can find opportunity to be creative fashionists. Offering lines of only the latest and most affordable fashion for those who seek that sexy celebrity look. Quality products, services, and ideas to begin their new life with LYS Family. As we continue at a fast growing pace, we are searching for new ways to find more solutions to the online shopping experience! In addition, we welcome everyone from all walks of life to engage in discussions, hot trending ideas, and most of all, endless cash coming your way! The idea is to build your "Residual Income". The more you promote, the more you will make! Even if you are not planning on shopping, I'm sure you have a friend that may love what you have to share. Not to mention, our $10 off coupon we issue all Affiliates will help slingshot quicker sales. Some of our Affiliates even run Facebook Ads and average out to over $500 Daily! Some create Instagrams and post all of our items on there and tag us in it. Google Adwords, Reddit Advertising, or maybe you own a Blog ect.. There are many ways to promote! Truth is, when it comes to having something awesome, nobody wants it unless they know you have it! "If they dont' know, they won't go"! Affiliate Marketing makes more sense than just logging in social media to stare at everyones posts all day. At least your making money just to share fashion products!?!? WOW!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?? & Remember the trick to selling, is not selling. Open a discussion about the product your promoting! For example, I'm selling running shoes with extra sole support. I'd say something like. "Did you know running can be very bad for your knees?" Thanks to these new "Extra Support Running Shoes" I can run all day! Be creative, influence them to buy not demand!


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