Frequently Asked Questions

Can I contact LYS?

 Yes! We have our LYS Associates 6 Days a week on standby ready to serve you! Via Call, Text, Or 24/7 Email. (Click Here)

Does LYS have a customer service phone number to reach, in case an issue arrises?

 Yes! Please refer back to our "Contact Us" page!

Am I allowed to make returns?

 Depends if Item has already been "shipped". If so, please contact customer service for further assistance! Ready to help!

What if an item is the wrong size?

 Always check for sizing chart if available! Follow chart for sizing. Wrong size may be returned before "shipped".

What if I forget my log in crudentials, after a purchase?

 Please contact customer service for assistance or account recovery, DO NOT SHARE PASSWORDS!! ALWAYS SAVE YOUR ORDER #.

How long do items take to arrive?

 All items will arrive within 30 days deadline. Please check shipping options, or view shipping details in description.

Is LYS responsible for items that are lost?

 Yes! We take %100 Ownership & Responsibility for all packages "lost in trasition"!

Is my information secure & safe?

 Yes! Your are protected by LYS "Terms And Conditions"! Account Security is governed by our "Privacy Policy".

Why do Affiliates have to submit their PayPal I.D.?

 It is the safest, & most secure way to receive payouts, without giving out your personal Banking Information online. Here at LYS we pride in the protection and comfortability of our Affiliates and it's Associations!

Can I trade an item for another color or size?

 Yes! If the item has not yet been "Shipped".